Wedding Rings Shopping Guide: The 5 Golden Rules

Wedding Rings Shopping Guide: The 5 Golden Rules

A wedding ring is a lifetime affair. Choosing the best one can take several months. At the end of the day, you want something that you will feel comfortable wearing for the rest of your life. Funnily, most people choose to make wedding ring shopping a last-minute affair. That shouldn’t be the same case with you, unless you are out to make gross mistakes. To have an easy time getting ideal wedding rings, follow the 5 golden rules highlighted below.

  1. Start your search early

What kind of wedding ring do you want? It is important that you have the specifics in mind. Take your time to look for the ideal wedding rings that fit both of you. It is recommended that you talk to the stores at least two months to the wedding. If you need custom wedding rings for your big day, it is important to start even earlier because such engravings take a considerable amount of time. Take advantage of that time to browse and check prices for various rings. For a start, you can take a random tour of TeNo site for online rings. After the initial assessment, come back to the pieces that turn out more attractive.

  1. Have a budget

How much are you willing and comfortable spending on your wedding rings? It is a lifetime symbolic piece of jewelry, so think twice before scribbling a figure. At the same time, it doesn’t mean the budget should be extraordinarily high. A plain gold band fetches $300 or more. Diamond and platinum varieties definitely cost more. Titanium wedding rings are still precious but come at cost effective rates. In short, you have so much to decide on based on costs. Ensure the ultimate wedding rings fit perfectly within your budget.

  1. Remain true to yourselves

It is important to have your lifestyle in mind when going for wedding bands. It isn’t justifiable to invest in an expensive wedding band which you will not be comfortable wearing. Similarly, you should not feel off when you prefer gold bands and he likes titanium rings. There is no rule that says the metals have to match. Bottom line: Choose wedding rings that both of you will always be proud of.

  1. Think long-term

Nearly everyone likes being trendy. There is no crime in that. You are free to settle on the latest trends of wedding rings. However, you must remember to select a jewelry piece that you will still be proud of 20 years down the line. How will it feel like wearing that same ring a couple of decades from your wedding day?

  1. Go for quality

You can go slow on the budget but that doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of wedding rings. To be sure of what you are buying, always check that the inside of your ring has at least two marks; the manufacturer’s trademark and a mark of quality such as PLAT. All the wedding rings available at various TeNo outlets have the marks of quality. You can always inquire from the friendly sales team in case of any doubts. Are you looking for lovely, affordable wedding rings? TeNo has several of them in store for you! Get yours today at amazing prices!

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Buying a Classic Watch: 4 Things You Definitely Want to Consider

Buying a Classic Watch: 4 Things You Definitely Want to Consider

For most men, watches are more than just functional accessories for keeping time. The perfect choice of watch completes your outfit. Whether you are dressed for dinner or a casual walk on the beach, there is always a perfect watch that fits the occasion. Besides watches allowing you to accent your outfit, the right choice of watch also gives you an opportunity to make a personal statement. Based on the watch you have on, someone can take a quick swipe at your personality and have it right!

When you visit major watch stores across the globe, you will find different brands and designs to choose from. In addition to that, there are finer details such as waterproof qualities and scratch-resistant features that you will also have to consider. Ideally, the best choice of watch for any man is that which meets his needs and desires. So how do you find such a watch? What factors should you consider?

Style and design

For the make consumers, this is the most important aspect. When you are out in the market shopping for watches, you will get different styles of watches including:

  • Luxury
  • Chronograph
  • Automatic
  • Sports

What you eventually settle on depends on your preferences and underlying reasons for buying a watch. Most men who wear watches with their official outfits choose to settle on luxury and pocket watches.


The common materials for watches include silver, gold and plastic. Titanium is another material that is fast gaining traction in the world of men’s watches. The choice of material will ultimately have an influence on the setting in which you wear the watch. For instance, canvas and plastic watches display a more casual outlook. On the other hand, silver and gold watches present a luxurious appeal suitable for professional settings. Titanium also offers the same look but at slightly lower costs.


Analogue watches are the common ones which feature second and hour hands. Digital watches, on the other hand, have the time displayed in numeric. Notably, digital watches can come in various styles as well. Most luxury watch manufacturers such as Omega and Rolex opt for the analogue look. At TeNo, you will definitely find a plethora of analogue, luxurious watches to choose from. Analogue watches present a professional look.

Water resistance

Most people looking for outdoor watches have this on top of their priority list. People who use their watches for sports like scuba diving are particularly sensitive about water resistance features. Any man who is out for a classic, professional watch should also consider getting one that is water resistant.

When out in the market shopping for men’s watches, you are going to face multiple options. Before making any rush decision, take your time and rethink what a watch can do for you. Why else would you need this functional accessory besides the elementary role of keeping time? Regardless of your answer, you can always get a perfect watch that meets your needs at TeNo outlets. Stylish, affordable men’s watches are available for purchase. Why not make your order today and have it delivered in a couple of days?

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Tips and Tricks for Choosing Lifetime Wedding Bands

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Lifetime Wedding Bands

A wedding is both an exciting and tricky affair. While there is pomp and glamour of tying the knot with your better half, there is also that terrifying bit of making the wrong choices in terms of accessories and planning. For most people, especially men, the confusion often comes in the choice of wedding band. Remember, a wedding band is a lifetime investment. The last thing you want to do is mess up your collection.

When you visit TeNo outlets, you will definitely have a wide variety of wedding bands to choose from. Being spoiled for choice is a common phenomenon. To avoid the confusion that reigns with such possibilities, it is important that you carry out an extensive research before setting foot in that jewelry store. Even more importantly, you should take into consideration some of the tiny, sensitive aspects that many couples assume when shopping for wedding rings.


A fitting wedding band is a nice choice. TeNo stocks wedding bands of various sizes. Before making an online order, it is important that you be sure about the measurements. Most men prefer wedding bands with curved edges as they seem to fit well. From TeNo jewelry stores, you can also get wedding rings with near-square shapes. For someone who is sensitive about how the band feels everyday he wears it, it is advisable that you go for a fitting wedding band with gentle features around the edges. In order to make the best choice, visit the jewelry outlets and try out different fits.

The finish

In essence, the finish of a wedding band is the texture of metal on it. The reflective high polish finish is a popular choice, owing to its age. It provides more of a traditional look. To give your band a modern appeal, you can settle on a less reflective matte finish. You also have the option of the hammered finish, which is steadily rising in popularity. At the end of the day, you deserve a comfortable feel without necessarily opting for a dramatic band.


Should this have featured among the top priorities? Maybe. Many people are sensitive when it comes to the metal which their wedding bands are made of. Remember, there exist multiple precious metals to choose from. Whether you want to go high and expensive for diamond, or durable and cost effective the titanium way, the choice is yours. Depending on your preference, you can choose from the wide variety of wedding bands available at TeNo outlets.

Custom design

For some people, the wedding band is not complete until they feel that sense of personal touch. In this case, you might need the services of a professional jeweler to design the bands according to your needs. The right jeweler will help you choose the right designs and effects to reflect your true personality.

Wedding bands are lifetime pieces. Taking your time during the selection process is the only way of ensuring that you make a perfect choice. Regardless of your taste or preferences, you can be sure to find wedding bands that suit you at TeNo. Visit any of the outlets today for special collections.

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Make Your Jewelry Last with These Tips

Make Your Jewelry Last with These Tips

Investing in a pricey jewelry takes lots of sacrifice. In some cases, you have to forego that pair of shoes you have admire all year long to get that beautiful pendant. Just like you take care of your clothes, it is important that you keep your jewelry collection in perfect condition.

Even if you invest in quality TeNo bracelets, special care is still necessary to get the most out of such precious jewelry. After a couple of years, you want them to have the same glow and shine as they did on the first day you bought them. So how do you go about this?

Each jewelry in its case

You must be careful when it comes to wearing and handling your beautiful titanium stainless steel necklace when you have it on. However, precious jewelries can sustain damage while on storage. To minimize such possibilities, it is advisable that you store each piece separately. That way, you will reduce the chances of different pieces knocking against each other resulting in wear and tear.

For the necklaces and earrings, consider hanging them in a jewelry tree. Instinctively, it is a good idea to have separate cloth pouches for keeping the vintage items. For the most valuable pieces, have them safely kept in their individual cases. To keep your silver necklace or pendants in good condition over an extended period, think of investing in tarnish resistant jewelry bags.

Make your jewelry the last piece

Most people don’t really bother with the order in which they put on their precious jewelries when preparing for a night out or a special event early in the morning. Actually, there is always that temptation to have them on as you continue with your dressing. Although each piece of jewelry available is designed to last, there lies the possibility of reducing the longevity of your precious wear when you mix the hair products and perfume with the jewelries. Always think of jewelries as the finishing touch of your outfit.

Know about your pieces before cleaning them

Quite often, there is that need to clean your jewelries. This is particularly true after a lengthy event or after a number of uses. Well, it is very important to recognize and appreciate the various materials used in making the jewelries before attempting to clean them.

Remember, the way you clean diamond rings is totally different from the way you will tidy the pearl jewelries. For instance, some jewelry pieces should never be immersed in water. It is always good to take note of the manufacturer’s instructions when going about jewel cleaning.

At TeNo stores and outlets, you can ask for free tips on how best to take care of and clean your jewelry. Whether you are buying a silvery pendant or a precious titanium rings there is that piece of extra information you can get from the sales team to help you preserve the elegance of your jewelries. Are you looking for the best jewelry collection tips? Make your order today from TeNo and receive a couple of tips on how to keep these precious pieces in perfect condition.

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Why Is Titanium Jewelry Becoming Popular in The Market Today?

Why Is Titanium Jewelry Becoming Popular in The Market Today?

In the last few decades, industry experts say there has been a substantial increase in the demand for titanium jewelry among female consumers. Women just love the versatility of this highly durable metallic substance and the various contemporary styles that complement their personalities. Jewelers use ultra-modern machines to carefully curve and sharpen this industrial metal into exquisite works of art that people adore. While it is possible for titanium jewelry to include various precious stones and diamonds, the hardness of the metal limits the type of formations it can hold. Much like jewelry made from gold, silver or platinum, jewelers can polish this metal to enhance its longevity.

Prominent jewelry items from around the world that there are certain advantages of wearing titanium jewelry that most consumers in the market are unaware of. These are as follows:

  1. Durability

One of the most benefits of titanium that makes it stand out from the crowd is its durability and strength. This metal is three times stronger than steel, and it can withstand all forms of rough handling. Unlike gold jewelry, titanium is resistant to scratches and corrosion even if you wear on a daily basis. That is the reason why it is popular among women who have an outdoor occupation or have to take care of children. In addition to this, the luster does not easily fade over time.

  1. Style and ease

Another reason why consumers prefer titanium jewelry over other metals such as gold, platinum, and silver is due to its versatility.It is possible for jewelers to craft to the metal into numerous styles and include various precious stones to suit the individual taste of people who opt to wear such jewelry in spite of its incredible strength. The exquisite designs you see at are a proof of this fact.

  1. Bio-compatibility and health benefits

Titanium is suitable for all type of human skins. It implies that consumers can wear jewelry made of this metal without the risk of suffering from rashes or any other forms of skin irritations. It is a boon for women who are unable to jewelry made of gold, platinum, and silver because of they suffer from various allergic reactions. In addition to this, medical experts say that wearing titanium jewelry can relieve them of body pain and even improve their sense of balance.

  1. Affordability

Titanium jewelry is cost-effective and is within reach of most people in the market. In gold jewelry, its price depends upon its karat and artisans need to combine it with other metals in an intricate process to attractive styles that meet the demands of consumers. It pushes up the price of such jewelry. On the other hand, titanium is readily available in nature and does not require an elaborate process to produce breathtaking jewelry styles.

Titanium is the ideal base metal to create authentic jewelry that stands out among the crowd in the market. Moreover, the metal has unique hypo-allergenic qualities which are available in gold, platinum and silver. To know more about the titanium jewelry and its contemporary design styles, please log on to

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Make Any Occasion Memorable With Exquisite Steel Pearl Necklaces

Make Any Occasion Memorable With Exquisite Steel Pearl Necklaces

There are some events and special occasions in life where you wish to value and appreciate the presence of a loved one. It is here that you search for the perfect gift that stays with your special one forever. If you look around the market today, you will find that there are many gifts available for women. However, one of the most elegant gifts that you may give your special lady is a steel pearl necklace!


Stainless steel jewelry


Gone are the days when you had to spend a lot of money on gold and silver jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry looks equally elegant and is affordable for people of all ages. If you look around, you will find that there are several designs and styles available in the market. They complement every woman and ensure she looks beautiful no matter where she goes. When you are looking for stainless steel jewelry, it is essential for you to rely on reliable and reputed brands that give you rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings that stand out because of their exquisite designs and styles. When it comes to necklaces, the stainless steel pearl necklace is in vogue, and it is enough to make your special lady happy and feel appreciated too.


Stainless steel pearl necklaces match any outfit. They can be worn to formal and informal occasions. Their color and hue have a high level of sophistication, and they invoke deep respect for the wearer. When you are looking for the perfect stainless- steel pearl necklace, ensure that you rely on a credible name like This website provides you get modern designs at affordable prices for your special one.


Pearls and their appeal


When it comes to necklaces, women always love pearls, and this is why you can never go wrong when you are gifting a stainless- steel pearl necklace to a loved one. Pearls have a unique appeal, and they are simple and sophisticated in their own appealing way. When it comes to the selection of pearls, genuine jewelry brands ensure they are authentic. They are inserted into pendants with great skill and care so that they do not fall out with daily wear. When it comes to stainless steel pearl necklaces, they are the ideal gift for a birthday party, anniversary or any event where you wish to pamper your loved one to make her feel wanted and special. 


When it comes to buying stainless steel pearl necklaces, ensure that you buy them from genuine websites only. The experts here will give you top quality materials at affordable prices. Ensure that you purchase these necklaces after browsing through their entire range. Good websites will ensure that you get the latest designs when it comes to style and fashion. They will also give you prices that are pocket-friendly. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique and different gift for your special lady, choose a stainless -steel pearl necklace and invoke her love and respect forever.


To discover some fantastic designs and styles of stainless steel pearl necklaces, please visit

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How To Pick Out the Perfect Watch!

How To Pick Out the Perfect Watch!

Some of the most important items that you can wear are accessories. They literally complete your outfit and add character to it too. There are many types of accessories today. Some of them are for men while others are for ladies. Men do not have the luxury of wearing as many accessories as they want. The accepted ones are a pair of cufflinks, a wedding ring if one is married and one's watch. Out of these, the watch can be as ostentatious as you want.


Role of a man's watch


A man's watch plays a very important role. It is much more than just a tool to tell the time. It is a symbol of class. Men's watches can be very expensive. Therefore, the one that you are wearing indicates how much money you are willing to spend to look good. Another fact is that a man's watch indicates his personality and style. Some watches are simple and stylish. This type of watch indicates a man with simple, sophisticated taste. Others are complicated and very showy. This type of watch indicates that the wearer is proud of himself and will show off when given the chance. In addition that, others are sporty and gaudy! These indicate that the wearer is an avid sportsman and keeping fit is part of his lifestyle. A wristwatch is not only a man's accessory, it speaks volumes about him. To pick the right one, there are a number of factors that you should consider. Read on to find out more about them.


Determine your lifestyle and complement it


Do you spend more of your days working or playing? Maybe you spend your time doing both? There are different types of watches for both work and play. Stylists suggest that you have watches for both occasions. This gives you variety. However, when you are searching for a dressy watch to wear to meetings and other formal events, pick out one that is classy and long lasting. This type will fit into any lifestyle. This is because at some point, you will need a watch that you can wear to a date or a cocktail party. Even if you are an avid outdoorsman, the rugged, highly functional digital watches that you wear out in the field will not fit in with your tuxedo. Therefore, pick a watch that fits your lifestyle. That is the one you can wear every day. After that, pick out another that is classy. This one you can wear to special events.


The size of the watch face


The face of yourminimalist watchis made up of the dial and the bezel. Some watches have small, others medium and others large watch faces. It is very important to consider the size of hour watch face in relation to the size of your wrist. If you are a big man, then you cannot wear a watch that has a medium or a small face. You should wear one that has a big face. The acceptable size of watch face is largely determined by social trends. Today, the most stylish watches are those that have a big face. It looks good on men with big and even with narrow wrists.


Resistance to water


How often do you keep your watch on your wrist? Some men remove them when they embark on duties in and around the house. Others keep their watches on all day and night too. If you normally have it on all the time, then you should invest in one that will survive whatever elements you throw at it. In this case, a water resistant watch is in order. This is a watch that will survive even if you splash water on it or you dip it underwater. When you buy a water resistant watch, it will inform you how much it can take. The maximum depth of the water that it can handle is normally indicated on the dial. In other cases, the atmospheric pressure that it can handle is indicated as well. Take note of these details when you are purchasing a water resistant watch. This will help you to pick the ideal one for you.


The color coordination between the face and its strap


Today, you can get classy watches in a myriad of colors. Straps are no longer predominantly made of stainless steel. You can get watches that have straps made of leather. While buying a classy watch, it is very important to consider the colors that it has. Make sure you pick out some colors that complement the overall tone of your wardrobe. When looking for a classy look, darker colors are always ideal for the straps. The face should also have clean lines and not too much decoration. This keeps the overall look of the watch classy and attractive.




A watch plays many roles in your life. It tells the time. It also tells us what kind of man you are. It indicates your personality and preferences in life. Therefore, you should always pick out a watch that fits perfectly. The above points will assist you to do this.

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How is a Wristwatch Much More Than a Tool for Telling the Time? Find Out Here!

How is a Wristwatch Much More Than a Tool for Telling the Time? Find Out Here!

A watch is much more than an instrument for telling the time.  It is an accessory. For men, it can even be considered a statement piece. It completes an outfit and remains functional at the same time. There are many types of watches today. Some of them are digital while others are analog. Some are powered by a battery while others are powered by an automatic movement. They also vary in the materials that are used to construct them. Finally, they vary in the cost too. Despite the stark differences in the types of watches available today, the reasons why men should wear them are the same. Here are some for you.


The reasons why you should own a quality wristwatch


There are two main ones. They include:


  1. It is a work of expert craftsmanship
  2. It can be an ideal heirloom


Watches indicate craftsmanship


A wristwatch plays the role of your personal timekeeper. However, from a craftsmanship point of view, it is far more than just that. It is a physical symbol of years of practice, skill and dedication. When you buy and wear a classic watch, you have made an investment in decades of fine craftsmanship. Some watches are hand-made. Every little piece is put in place by hand. The assembler expresses themselves through your watch. As such, it can confidently be considered a work of art. Depending on the complexity of the watch, you can find that some require up to four different craftsmen working together over a period of as long as many months to construct a wristwatch. When it is finally complete, you can buy this piece of human creative effort and embody the passion that they applied to construct it.


Unlike a digital watch, an analog one has a mechanism that is straightforward and consistent. The hands of an analog watch are made to turn by following the same general principle in all the analog wristwatches. However, the way that this principle is expressed makes all the difference. It takes creativity and skill to find a way to express it in a unique and outstanding way. A watch is essentially a tool for telling and keeping track of time. However, it can actively be considered a beautiful tool. Thus, it is always a great investment to make.


There are many ways through which the craftsmen apply art in aminimalist wristwatch. One of these is by painting the dial. Using a set of highly specialized brushes and paint, they can draw a masterpiece for you in your wristwatch. Also, they can design the watch in such a way that the bezel or the case is a work of art. It can be carved with images, figurines or any other feature that makes it stand out. In addition to that the mechanical movement can also be desire and displayed such that it is also a work of art.


Wristwatches can be exceptional heirlooms


There are many types of gifts that you can give to a man. One of the most functional and memorable ones is a wristwatch. They can use it to complement their outfits and of course to tell time. It is a functional gift. Thus, they will remember you every time that they look into the watch face to tell the time. As a result, a wristwatch makes a perfect heirloom. It can carry along the memory of someone special long after they are gone from our lives.


Every era has its own unique collection of wristwatches. They reflect the attitudes, hopes and dreams of the people who lived through that era. They also reflect this character of the person who wore it before you got it. Therefore, as a heirloom, a wristwatch is able to remind you of a person, the era that they lived in and even what they stood for.


It is quite possible to invest in so many wristwatches that you actively create a collection. It does not have to cost a fortune but it can be a treasure all the same. Once you are done with them, you can leave the collection with someone that you care about and they will consider it a priceless heirloom.




Wristwatches are so much more than just tools to help us identify and keep time. They assist us to express our personality and style. They are gifts. They can also assist us to capture the spirit of an era and express it through generations. These are reasons why every man should invest in a high quality wristwatch.

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What makes titanium jewelry popular among today's buyers?

What makes titanium jewelry popular among today's buyers?

Titanium jewelry in the form of cufflinks, wedding rings, and key chains are becoming very popular among men of all age groups nowadays. They appreciate the durability and contemporary style of this metal that complements their masculine personality.If you read the section of men’s jewelry on TeNo, you will realize that manufacturers need to use high-tech machines to produce such jewelry. Only then can they carefully crave and hone this unique industrial metal to create such exquisite pieces that stand out from the crowd.Like other metals such as gold, it is possible for you to polish such jewelry to enhance its value in the market and longevity.


Prominent industry experts say that most consumers are unaware of the advantages of buying titanium jewelry over those made of other metals like gold. These are as follows:


  1. Durability


One of the most significant benefits of titanium jewelry that appeals to men is its durability. You get easily get scratches when you wear cufflinks, and wedding rings made of metals like gold. However, this industrial metal is three times stronger than steel, does not corrode over time, can withstand very rough handling and retain its shine. This makes it suitable for men who are in occupations where they need to travel a lot.


  1. Biocompatibility


Titanium in its natural form is suitable for various human skin types. This implies you can wear men jewelry made of this metal all day long without the risk of suffering from rashes or any other forms of discoloration. On the other hand, some people are allergic to wearing gold and silver jewelry.

  1. Style

If you browse through the section on titanium jewelry thoroughly in, you will come to know that it is possible to shape this metal according to individual preference. You can even go to the extent adding a precious stone to give it a distinctive style that suits your personality. It is lightweight in comparison to other metals such as gold despite its strength, which makes it comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

  1. Affordability

Titanium is comparatively cheaper than other metals jewelers use to make ornaments. To take an example, the price of an ounce of gold depends entirely on its karat. It also requires a very laborious and intricate process to convert this metal into various forms of exquisite jewelry. When you add expensive precious stones, its cost increases further. On the other hand, you can find titanium naturally on the earth surface, and it does not have an extensive procedure to make ornaments from it.

Titanium is the ideal metal base for making various forms of men’s jewelry. It is durable and can withstand adverse condition without losing its luster. This makes it suitable outdoor wear and does not result in skin rashes like other metals such gold. Cufflinks and rings made of this metal are easily available in almost all jewelry stores. Moreover, you do have to dig deep into your pocket to find one that complements your masculine personality. To get more information on the benefits of titanium jewelry log on to

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Insight into the growing demand for titanium wedding rings

Insight into the growing demand for titanium wedding rings

If you are searching ideal wedding ring to give to your fiancé on the day you tie the knot, you realize that there are a broad range of titanium rings for men available in the market. You easily get a stylish one for your to-be husband that complements his masculine nature within your budget. However, if you are wondering why there is a sudden surge in popularity of such rings among the male section of the population, then you should browse through TeNo. After all,this metal is certainly not a traditional choice for men’s rings, unlike gold, platinum or silver. The reasons for this trend is as follows:


  1. Breaking tradition and experimenting with something new

Most experts from the jewelry industry say the most important reason for the popularity of wedding rings among men made from titanium in recent years is because it offers them something new. Traditionally, these consumers had to select a suitable ring made of either white or yellow gold. However, they are now willing to be more be more experimental and look out for other options available in the market. It is possible for you to find wedding rings made from metals like stainless steel or tungsten. Unfortunately, they cannot match the superior strength and durability of titanium.

  1. Becoming fashion-conscious

These professionals go on to explain that another important reason for the popularity of titanium wedding rings among men is because they are becoming more fashion-conscious. Women who tend to wear a wide variety of jewelry apart from rings in the form of earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. However, if you go through, you come to know the men usually do not wear any form of jewelry besides rings. This way the decision to choose the right one that complements their personality becomes an important decision for them to make.

  1. Easily available, lightweight and comfort

Titanium is one of the hardest metals that exists on the surface of this planet. However, it is also considerable lightweight in comparison to its strength. In addition to jewelry, technical experts use this metal to make aircraft propellers and surgical instruments. Its lightweight makes it very comfortable to wear for long periods especially among those men who are not accustomed to wearing rings.

  1. Hypoallergenic and anti-corrosive

Titanium rings are suitable for all human skin types. Unlike metals such as gold, nickel, silver or cobalt, it does cause rashes and other forms of irritation. Titanium also has anti-corrosive properties and does not react with harsh chemical detergents or chlorine. Moreover, you can quickly clean and polish it using soapy water.

The durability, comfort and indestructible for titanium make it a perfect choice for a wedding ring for your future husband on the day you tie the knot. After all, these are the pillars of a happy and fruitful marriage. However, most jewelry experts say it is important for you to know your fiancé’s size because it is almost impossible to re-size this metal. To get more information about titanium wedding rings for men log on to

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