Buying a Classic Watch: 4 Things You Definitely Want to Consider

Buying a Classic Watch: 4 Things You Definitely Want to Consider

For most men, watches are more than just functional accessories for keeping time. The perfect choice of watch completes your outfit. Whether you are dressed for dinner or a casual walk on the beach, there is always a perfect watch that fits the occasion. Besides watches allowing you to accent your outfit, the right choice of watch also gives you an opportunity to make a personal statement. Based on the watch you have on, someone can take a quick swipe at your personality and have it right!

When you visit major watch stores across the globe, you will find different brands and designs to choose from. In addition to that, there are finer details such as waterproof qualities and scratch-resistant features that you will also have to consider. Ideally, the best choice of watch for any man is that which meets his needs and desires. So how do you find such a watch? What factors should you consider?

Style and design

For the make consumers, this is the most important aspect. When you are out in the market shopping for watches, you will get different styles of watches including:

  • Luxury
  • Chronograph
  • Automatic
  • Sports

What you eventually settle on depends on your preferences and underlying reasons for buying a watch. Most men who wear watches with their official outfits choose to settle on luxury and pocket watches.


The common materials for watches include silver, gold and plastic. Titanium is another material that is fast gaining traction in the world of men’s watches. The choice of material will ultimately have an influence on the setting in which you wear the watch. For instance, canvas and plastic watches display a more casual outlook. On the other hand, silver and gold watches present a luxurious appeal suitable for professional settings. Titanium also offers the same look but at slightly lower costs.


Analogue watches are the common ones which feature second and hour hands. Digital watches, on the other hand, have the time displayed in numeric. Notably, digital watches can come in various styles as well. Most luxury watch manufacturers such as Omega and Rolex opt for the analogue look. At TeNo, you will definitely find a plethora of analogue, luxurious watches to choose from. Analogue watches present a professional look.

Water resistance

Most people looking for outdoor watches have this on top of their priority list. People who use their watches for sports like scuba diving are particularly sensitive about water resistance features. Any man who is out for a classic, professional watch should also consider getting one that is water resistant.

When out in the market shopping for men’s watches, you are going to face multiple options. Before making any rush decision, take your time and rethink what a watch can do for you. Why else would you need this functional accessory besides the elementary role of keeping time? Regardless of your answer, you can always get a perfect watch that meets your needs at TeNo outlets. Stylish, affordable men’s watches are available for purchase. Why not make your order today and have it delivered in a couple of days?

November 28, 2017 — Carson Shopify