Why Is Titanium Jewelry Becoming Popular in The Market Today?

Why Is Titanium Jewelry Becoming Popular in The Market Today?

In the last few decades, industry experts say there has been a substantial increase in the demand for titanium jewelry among female consumers. Women just love the versatility of this highly durable metallic substance and the various contemporary styles that complement their personalities. Jewelers use ultra-modern machines to carefully curve and sharpen this industrial metal into exquisite works of art that people adore. While it is possible for titanium jewelry to include various precious stones and diamonds, the hardness of the metal limits the type of formations it can hold. Much like jewelry made from gold, silver or platinum, jewelers can polish this metal to enhance its longevity.

Prominent jewelry items from around the world that there are certain advantages of wearing titanium jewelry that most consumers in the market are unaware of. These are as follows:

  1. Durability

One of the most benefits of titanium that makes it stand out from the crowd is its durability and strength. This metal is three times stronger than steel, and it can withstand all forms of rough handling. Unlike gold jewelry, titanium is resistant to scratches and corrosion even if you wear on a daily basis. That is the reason why it is popular among women who have an outdoor occupation or have to take care of children. In addition to this, the luster does not easily fade over time.

  1. Style and ease

Another reason why consumers prefer titanium jewelry over other metals such as gold, platinum, and silver is due to its versatility.It is possible for jewelers to craft to the metal into numerous styles and include various precious stones to suit the individual taste of people who opt to wear such jewelry in spite of its incredible strength. The exquisite designs you see at https://www.teno.com/ are a proof of this fact.

  1. Bio-compatibility and health benefits

Titanium is suitable for all type of human skins. It implies that consumers can wear jewelry made of this metal without the risk of suffering from rashes or any other forms of skin irritations. It is a boon for women who are unable to jewelry made of gold, platinum, and silver because of they suffer from various allergic reactions. In addition to this, medical experts say that wearing titanium jewelry can relieve them of body pain and even improve their sense of balance.

  1. Affordability

Titanium jewelry is cost-effective and is within reach of most people in the market. In gold jewelry, its price depends upon its karat and artisans need to combine it with other metals in an intricate process to attractive styles that meet the demands of consumers. It pushes up the price of such jewelry. On the other hand, titanium is readily available in nature and does not require an elaborate process to produce breathtaking jewelry styles.

Titanium is the ideal base metal to create authentic jewelry that stands out among the crowd in the market. Moreover, the metal has unique hypo-allergenic qualities which are available in gold, platinum and silver. To know more about the titanium jewelry and its contemporary design styles, please log on to https://www.teno.com/.

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What makes titanium jewelry popular among today's buyers?

What makes titanium jewelry popular among today's buyers?

Titanium jewelry in the form of cufflinks, wedding rings, and key chains are becoming very popular among men of all age groups nowadays. They appreciate the durability and contemporary style of this metal that complements their masculine personality.If you read the section of men’s jewelry on TeNo, you will realize that manufacturers need to use high-tech machines to produce such jewelry. Only then can they carefully crave and hone this unique industrial metal to create such exquisite pieces that stand out from the crowd.Like other metals such as gold, it is possible for you to polish such jewelry to enhance its value in the market and longevity.


Prominent industry experts say that most consumers are unaware of the advantages of buying titanium jewelry over those made of other metals like gold. These are as follows:


  1. Durability


One of the most significant benefits of titanium jewelry that appeals to men is its durability. You get easily get scratches when you wear cufflinks, and wedding rings made of metals like gold. However, this industrial metal is three times stronger than steel, does not corrode over time, can withstand very rough handling and retain its shine. This makes it suitable for men who are in occupations where they need to travel a lot.


  1. Biocompatibility


Titanium in its natural form is suitable for various human skin types. This implies you can wear men jewelry made of this metal all day long without the risk of suffering from rashes or any other forms of discoloration. On the other hand, some people are allergic to wearing gold and silver jewelry.

  1. Style

If you browse through the section on titanium jewelry thoroughly in https://www.teno.com/, you will come to know that it is possible to shape this metal according to individual preference. You can even go to the extent adding a precious stone to give it a distinctive style that suits your personality. It is lightweight in comparison to other metals such as gold despite its strength, which makes it comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

  1. Affordability

Titanium is comparatively cheaper than other metals jewelers use to make ornaments. To take an example, the price of an ounce of gold depends entirely on its karat. It also requires a very laborious and intricate process to convert this metal into various forms of exquisite jewelry. When you add expensive precious stones, its cost increases further. On the other hand, you can find titanium naturally on the earth surface, and it does not have an extensive procedure to make ornaments from it.

Titanium is the ideal metal base for making various forms of men’s jewelry. It is durable and can withstand adverse condition without losing its luster. This makes it suitable outdoor wear and does not result in skin rashes like other metals such gold. Cufflinks and rings made of this metal are easily available in almost all jewelry stores. Moreover, you do have to dig deep into your pocket to find one that complements your masculine personality. To get more information on the benefits of titanium jewelry log on to https://www.teno.com/.

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Experience the Magic of Titanium Jewelry with Teno!

Experience the Magic of Titanium Jewelry with Teno!

The TeNo Titanium advance jewelry can be a perfect gift for your loved ones this weekend if it's their birthday, their anniversary or may be your own. The TeNo Titanium jewelry is like no other.

TeNo Titanium advance jewelry introduces titanium to 18k. With Yellow and Red Gold, and also mix in Silver and Platinum to the beautiful jewelry, and the results are truly fascinating. The TeNo Titanium rings are crafted from titanium and are now a modern phenomenon. TeNo Titanium rings provide you with a broad range of unique properties. These are all biocompatible (hypoallergenic), lightweight and corrosion resistant.

As Titanium has become quite famous as a jewelry material owing to its unique set of properties, TeNo has crafted these Titanium advance rings with a fascinating finish and made them a must buy for your collection.

No allergic reactions and resistant to corrosion

These are perfect for wearers who suffer allergies jewelry materials. These beautiful Titanium rings are resistant to most of the causes of corrosion which includes chlorine (in water), sea water and some acid.

TeNo Titanium rings are henceforth perfect for those who prefer to swim in the ocean as well as chlorinated pools regularly. It’s not like other traditional jewelry materials, like brass, silver, and bronze which are highly prone to tarnishing as well as other manifestations of deterioration.

Perfect for everyone

So, TeNo Titanium rings are best suited for your fashion, style, and lifestyle as well. This collection from TeNo is a lovely and soulful gift for you loved ones that they will remember all lifelong.

Starting from just  is, you get a superior finish, clean and beautiful look and a Titanium ring with a matte finish. It’s hard to find such a personal item online, but here at TeNo.com, you get in and meaningful collection of Titanium rings that will make you and your loved ones cherish.

Titanium ring for daily use

You must buy one from TeNo as they last a lifetime and thus make them perfect choice for the most important days in your life. You can find a wide online collection of Titanium rings for men and women available in a variety of elegant and unique styles.

As we are with wedding season upon us, this collection of Titanium rings from TeNo is finally brought to your fruition and within your budget as well.

This collection from TeNo is worth your splurge on the ring. You are is going wear it every day, and so should you, after all, it reminds you of your loved ones and all the best things about your partner/wedding/marriage.

Titanium rings – family heirloom

The Titanium rings from TeNo have a potential to become a family heirloom and can  is down the generations. With a starting price of just$65.00 USD, you can have more space for a dress for one day over your wedding ring that you will wear the rest of your life, without any regrets.

I would suggest buying one from the TeNo collection of Titanium Rings. And with a price as low as USD 65.00, you do not have to worry about, whether you should purchase the dress or the ring or where do you splurge or save. You must visit https://www.teno.com/ and find a perfectly suited titanium ring for your loved ones to celebrate your special days.

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Titanium And Stainless Steel Bracelets – The Wrist Wear Jewelry That Has No Parallel

Titanium And Stainless Steel Bracelets – The Wrist Wear Jewelry That Has No Parallel

If there is one piece of jewelry that can turn the everyday outing into a joyous celebration, then it is the sparkling bracelet on your wrists. Bracelets are beautiful pieces of jewelry worn on the wrists that uphold the beauty of the body extremities. Bracelets date back to the days of Cleopatra, and the splendid piece of jewelry is as attractive even today. From celebrities to the everyday woman you come across, there is a bracelet for everyone at the TeNo store. Bracelets can be made from anything, from precious metals and gemstones to stainless steel and titanium. The stunning range of bracelets that you find at https://www.teno.com/ comprises of stainless steel and titanium that are the latest fashion trend.

Bracelet styles

The band material is responsible for naming the bracelet and among the stainless steel and titanium bracelets; clasped bracelets are quite common. For opening and closing the bracelet, you can do it either by a foldover, lobster, and push button or by fish hook, toggle, springing and magnetic clasp. Bangles, cuff bracelets, chain link bracelets and charm bracelets are the most common styles that you will come across.

  • Bangle bracelet - This style of bracelet fit loosely on the wrist and come in rigid form. To wear this bracelet, you can slip it on or sometimes you can use a push button or even a hinge. Depending on the design of the bracelet, you can wear it as a single piece or stack it up in a mix and match manner with other bangles.
  • Cuff bracelet – These bracelets are rigid in construction, but some have a malleable quality that allows flexibility for better fitment. The design leaves a small opening instead of forming a closed loop, and this allows easy slipping of the jewelry on the wrist. It is easy to make adjustments when wearing the bracelet. Cuff bracelets are highly fashionable and sophisticated piece of jewelry in the range. 
  • Chain link bracelet – Connecting metal links in a particular pattern to create the bracelet is the specialty of the style. To create variety in the chain link, different patterns consisting of mesh, rope, cable, omega, S-link, curb, snake, byzantine and san macro are used. A variant of this style is the Link Bracelet in which the individual links are quite prominent.
  • Charm bracelet - Bracelets that have a single or multiple charms attached to it come under this style. You can use any standard jewelry metal or gemstones as charms.

Bracelet materials

The TeNo range of bracelets comprises of stainless steel and titanium bracelets that are the latest trend in fashion. The high-end looks of the marvelously designed bracelets make each piece a compelling choice.  The designer bracelets you find in the TeNo range are completely safe for wearing as it is non-allergic and its durability is unquestionable since both stainless steel and titanium are highly durable metals. 

To pick the bracelet of your choice visits the online TeNo store by logging on to the website mentioned earlier in this post.

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Titanium Can Change Your World: Get A Necklace Today

Titanium Can Change Your World: Get A Necklace Today

Have you recently watched the MLB World Series? Have you noticed the twisted rope like necklaces hanging around the necks of the players? Ever wondered what those are? Those are the titanium necklaces, which most major league baseball players now swear by.

Why do the MLB players wear Necklaces?

They are the must-haves for most athletes involved with the international baseball scene. Jon Lester, Justin Pedroia, and Justin Verlander swear by these titanium necklaces for better performance and concentration. Phiten was the first company to produce these iconic necklaces. The company also claims that wearing titanium necklaces enhances athletic performance.

Is it a shortcut to success?

Titanium necklaces from TeNo directly relate to the better performance of some baseball players from across the country. If you are heading a new project or if you are battling exam jitters, you should try getting a titanium necklace for your final day.

Is it some magic? Alternatively, is it science?

Titanium has a unique atomic composition and structure. Experts are currently claiming a direct relationship between this metal and bioelectric current in the body. The electrons in metal Titanium work like millions of tiny magnets to realign your body’s bioelectric signals. 

Why choose titanium?

Even if you do not want to consider the new research on the realignment of bioelectric signals in the body, you should only invest in titanium because it is durable. It redefines the purpose of smart investment. Titanium hardly ever scruffs or wears. Be it a ring, a pendant, or a pair of delicate earrings; even your grandchildren can wear the titanium jewelry you purchase today. 

Is titanium hypoallergenic?

Titanium elicits no allergic reactions. It is a comparatively inert metal, which does not react with skin. Almost 30% of Americans are allergic to nickel. Titanium from TeNo has not impurities like nickel. Hence, you can wear it safely in the sun, in the pool and during your regular workout at the gym. If you are trying to find a wedding ring that will not give your fiancé a nasty rash, go for titanium bands with your eyes shut.

Does it have any side effects?

Titanium is a novel metal. It can in no way cause harmful actions inside your body. It cannot disrupt your biochemical reactions and your organ functions. Research shows, these necklaces the athletes wear have a positive psychological effect. The TeNo necklaces make the players feel more confident and fit. However, they do not increase their blood pressure, blood sugar levels or pulse rates.

Is it only good for athletes?

You do not have to be an athlete to experience the benefits of titanium in your life. You just need to get your hands on a genuine necklace made of pure titanium and test it out in your field. Be it an interview for a new position or a first date; you can check your performance in every way possible with the neo-modern alternative therapy. Buy the best designs for you and your significant other today at https://www.teno.com/.

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