Make Your Jewelry Last with These Tips

Make Your Jewelry Last with These Tips

Investing in a pricey jewelry takes lots of sacrifice. In some cases, you have to forego that pair of shoes you have admire all year long to get that beautiful pendant. Just like you take care of your clothes, it is important that you keep your jewelry collection in perfect condition.

Even if you invest in quality TeNo bracelets, special care is still necessary to get the most out of such precious jewelry. After a couple of years, you want them to have the same glow and shine as they did on the first day you bought them. So how do you go about this?

Each jewelry in its case

You must be careful when it comes to wearing and handling your beautiful titanium stainless steel necklace when you have it on. However, precious jewelries can sustain damage while on storage. To minimize such possibilities, it is advisable that you store each piece separately. That way, you will reduce the chances of different pieces knocking against each other resulting in wear and tear.

For the necklaces and earrings, consider hanging them in a jewelry tree. Instinctively, it is a good idea to have separate cloth pouches for keeping the vintage items. For the most valuable pieces, have them safely kept in their individual cases. To keep your silver necklace or pendants in good condition over an extended period, think of investing in tarnish resistant jewelry bags.

Make your jewelry the last piece

Most people don’t really bother with the order in which they put on their precious jewelries when preparing for a night out or a special event early in the morning. Actually, there is always that temptation to have them on as you continue with your dressing. Although each piece of jewelry available is designed to last, there lies the possibility of reducing the longevity of your precious wear when you mix the hair products and perfume with the jewelries. Always think of jewelries as the finishing touch of your outfit.

Know about your pieces before cleaning them

Quite often, there is that need to clean your jewelries. This is particularly true after a lengthy event or after a number of uses. Well, it is very important to recognize and appreciate the various materials used in making the jewelries before attempting to clean them.

Remember, the way you clean diamond rings is totally different from the way you will tidy the pearl jewelries. For instance, some jewelry pieces should never be immersed in water. It is always good to take note of the manufacturer’s instructions when going about jewel cleaning.

At TeNo stores and outlets, you can ask for free tips on how best to take care of and clean your jewelry. Whether you are buying a silvery pendant or a precious titanium rings there is that piece of extra information you can get from the sales team to help you preserve the elegance of your jewelries. Are you looking for the best jewelry collection tips? Make your order today from TeNo and receive a couple of tips on how to keep these precious pieces in perfect condition.

November 28, 2017 — Carson Shopify