How is a Wristwatch Much More Than a Tool for Telling the Time? Find Out Here!

A watch is much more than an instrument for telling the time.  It is an accessory. For men, it can even be considered a statement piece. It completes an outfit and remains functional at the same time. There are many types of watches today. Some of them are digital while others are analog. Some are powered by a battery while others are powered by an automatic movement. They also vary in the materials that are used to construct them. Finally, they vary in the cost too. Despite the stark differences in the types of watches available today, the reasons why men should wear them are the same. Here are some for you.


The reasons why you should own a quality wristwatch


There are two main ones. They include:


  1. It is a work of expert craftsmanship
  2. It can be an ideal heirloom


Watches indicate craftsmanship


A wristwatch plays the role of your personal timekeeper. However, from a craftsmanship point of view, it is far more than just that. It is a physical symbol of years of practice, skill and dedication. When you buy and wear a classic watch, you have made an investment in decades of fine craftsmanship. Some watches are hand-made. Every little piece is put in place by hand. The assembler expresses themselves through your watch. As such, it can confidently be considered a work of art. Depending on the complexity of the watch, you can find that some require up to four different craftsmen working together over a period of as long as many months to construct a wristwatch. When it is finally complete, you can buy this piece of human creative effort and embody the passion that they applied to construct it.


Unlike a digital watch, an analog one has a mechanism that is straightforward and consistent. The hands of an analog watch are made to turn by following the same general principle in all the analog wristwatches. However, the way that this principle is expressed makes all the difference. It takes creativity and skill to find a way to express it in a unique and outstanding way. A watch is essentially a tool for telling and keeping track of time. However, it can actively be considered a beautiful tool. Thus, it is always a great investment to make.


There are many ways through which the craftsmen apply art in aminimalist wristwatch. One of these is by painting the dial. Using a set of highly specialized brushes and paint, they can draw a masterpiece for you in your wristwatch. Also, they can design the watch in such a way that the bezel or the case is a work of art. It can be carved with images, figurines or any other feature that makes it stand out. In addition to that the mechanical movement can also be desire and displayed such that it is also a work of art.


Wristwatches can be exceptional heirlooms


There are many types of gifts that you can give to a man. One of the most functional and memorable ones is a wristwatch. They can use it to complement their outfits and of course to tell time. It is a functional gift. Thus, they will remember you every time that they look into the watch face to tell the time. As a result, a wristwatch makes a perfect heirloom. It can carry along the memory of someone special long after they are gone from our lives.


Every era has its own unique collection of wristwatches. They reflect the attitudes, hopes and dreams of the people who lived through that era. They also reflect this character of the person who wore it before you got it. Therefore, as a heirloom, a wristwatch is able to remind you of a person, the era that they lived in and even what they stood for.


It is quite possible to invest in so many wristwatches that you actively create a collection. It does not have to cost a fortune but it can be a treasure all the same. Once you are done with them, you can leave the collection with someone that you care about and they will consider it a priceless heirloom.




Wristwatches are so much more than just tools to help us identify and keep time. They assist us to express our personality and style. They are gifts. They can also assist us to capture the spirit of an era and express it through generations. These are reasons why every man should invest in a high quality wristwatch.

October 21, 2017 — Carson Shopify