How To Pick Out the Perfect Watch!

Some of the most important items that you can wear are accessories. They literally complete your outfit and add character to it too. There are many types of accessories today. Some of them are for men while others are for ladies. Men do not have the luxury of wearing as many accessories as they want. The accepted ones are a pair of cufflinks, a wedding ring if one is married and one's watch. Out of these, the watch can be as ostentatious as you want.


Role of a man's watch


A man's watch plays a very important role. It is much more than just a tool to tell the time. It is a symbol of class. Men's watches can be very expensive. Therefore, the one that you are wearing indicates how much money you are willing to spend to look good. Another fact is that a man's watch indicates his personality and style. Some watches are simple and stylish. This type of watch indicates a man with simple, sophisticated taste. Others are complicated and very showy. This type of watch indicates that the wearer is proud of himself and will show off when given the chance. In addition that, others are sporty and gaudy! These indicate that the wearer is an avid sportsman and keeping fit is part of his lifestyle. A wristwatch is not only a man's accessory, it speaks volumes about him. To pick the right one, there are a number of factors that you should consider. Read on to find out more about them.


Determine your lifestyle and complement it


Do you spend more of your days working or playing? Maybe you spend your time doing both? There are different types of watches for both work and play. Stylists suggest that you have watches for both occasions. This gives you variety. However, when you are searching for a dressy watch to wear to meetings and other formal events, pick out one that is classy and long lasting. This type will fit into any lifestyle. This is because at some point, you will need a watch that you can wear to a date or a cocktail party. Even if you are an avid outdoorsman, the rugged, highly functional digital watches that you wear out in the field will not fit in with your tuxedo. Therefore, pick a watch that fits your lifestyle. That is the one you can wear every day. After that, pick out another that is classy. This one you can wear to special events.


The size of the watch face


The face of yourminimalist watchis made up of the dial and the bezel. Some watches have small, others medium and others large watch faces. It is very important to consider the size of hour watch face in relation to the size of your wrist. If you are a big man, then you cannot wear a watch that has a medium or a small face. You should wear one that has a big face. The acceptable size of watch face is largely determined by social trends. Today, the most stylish watches are those that have a big face. It looks good on men with big and even with narrow wrists.


Resistance to water


How often do you keep your watch on your wrist? Some men remove them when they embark on duties in and around the house. Others keep their watches on all day and night too. If you normally have it on all the time, then you should invest in one that will survive whatever elements you throw at it. In this case, a water resistant watch is in order. This is a watch that will survive even if you splash water on it or you dip it underwater. When you buy a water resistant watch, it will inform you how much it can take. The maximum depth of the water that it can handle is normally indicated on the dial. In other cases, the atmospheric pressure that it can handle is indicated as well. Take note of these details when you are purchasing a water resistant watch. This will help you to pick the ideal one for you.


The color coordination between the face and its strap


Today, you can get classy watches in a myriad of colors. Straps are no longer predominantly made of stainless steel. You can get watches that have straps made of leather. While buying a classy watch, it is very important to consider the colors that it has. Make sure you pick out some colors that complement the overall tone of your wardrobe. When looking for a classy look, darker colors are always ideal for the straps. The face should also have clean lines and not too much decoration. This keeps the overall look of the watch classy and attractive.




A watch plays many roles in your life. It tells the time. It also tells us what kind of man you are. It indicates your personality and preferences in life. Therefore, you should always pick out a watch that fits perfectly. The above points will assist you to do this.

October 21, 2017 — Carson Shopify