0501.Z09.1 TeNo YuKoN Sagittarius Element

Style #: 0501.Z09.1 $65.00

Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 20th): The Archer: element fire

Sagittarians are highly sociable natures, full of adventurousness and eagerness to extend experience of life. They have a strong affection towards personal freedom, have a positive outlook on life and are very honest. They enjoy travelling and exploration as well as sports activities.

YuKoN Collection Zodiac: Sagittarius Cylinder Element with Design set in cold enamel.

Elements do not come with bracelets. All Elements are interchangeable.

Each Zodiac element comes with 2 rubber stoppers.

Like all YuKoN bracelets, you can buy your bracelet whole, or purchase the elements separately.

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