0501.Z03.Steel TeNo YuKoN Gemini Element

Style #: 0501.Z03.Steel $65.00

Gemini (May 21st-June 21st) : The Twins: element air

Gemini is dual-natured, representing the "mental" one in a couple, complex and contradictory. When they are good, they can be attractive, lively, curious, intelligent and versatile which makes them an ideal partner for communication.

YuKoN Collection Zodiac: Gemini Cylinder Element with engraved Gemini symbol in different sizes and orientations around the element.

Elements do not come with bracelets. All Elements are interchangeable.

Each Zodiac element comes with 2 rubber stoppers

Like all YuKoN bracelets, you can buy your bracelet whole, or purchase the elements separately.

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